PhotoZoom Classic 3

Unhappy about the quality of your digital image enlargements? Resize your images using BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 3, and get superb results through our unique, award-winning S-Spline technology!

Higher Quality: PhotoZoom Classic 3 is specialized in enlarging digital images while preserving quality. Equipped with BenVista''s patented S-Spline technologies, this software easily surpasses alternative solutions such as Photoshop''s Bicubic interpolation.

Besides the original S-Spline technique, which made previous PhotoZoom versions famous, PhotoZoom Classic 3 also offers S-Spline XL. This improved generation of BenVista''s award-winning technology creates even higher quality image enlargements. Now also included: a special setting that removes (JPEG) compression artifacts and noise. Perfect for images originating from the Internet!

Features & Ease of Use: This software is extremely easy to use. It comes with handy presets that are specially designed for different types of photos and graphical images. In addition, you can manually fine-tune the sharpening settings. That way your images will never be too sharp, and never too soft. The large preview window instantly gives you a preview of the end result, which makes it a piece of cake to determine the optimum settings for the given image. Also very convenient is the new crop function, which allows you to select and resize a specific portion of the image. Ideal for spectacular close-ups.

Conclusion: PhotoZoom Classic 3 is not just an outstanding image enlarger. It is also extremely easy to use. An absolute must-have for digital camera owners and anyone who wants to enlarge images without losing quality.


  • Outstanding image enlargements through our award-winning S-Spline interpolation technologies
  • Reduction of compression artifacts and noise
  • Additional sharpening settings
  • Powerful crop tool for spectacular close-ups
  • Increased image support (metadata, ICC profiles, color spaces)
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

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