Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended + Portable + CS4 Micro

Free Download - Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended + Portable + CS4 Micro (Update & Fix Error 2010)
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended + Portable + CS4 Micro (Update & Fix Error 2010)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended + Portable + CS4 Micro (Update & Fix Error 2010) | 1.0 GB

Adobe ® Photoshop ® is a software standard and leader in editorial and image processing professional, you can do more things with Photoshop. Creative tools help you do it the results extraordinary. Abilities are not great yet will help you spent time with Photoshop for all your work. Simultaneously with multiple effects editing, processing and transform the image of your work will be resolved one way really quickly.

Set of professional tools
* The creation or use of photos on the original images using the tools are grouped to draft clear, paint and edit.
* File Browser File Browser Tools complete
With this tool you view and organize photos quickly, before looking into editing software; besides it made the job automatically for a series of photos as fast (on the file name in type, make changes in the size range, apply the script for a series of batch files ,...).
* Customized workspace
In the course of work, the best way is how you arrange the components so that really comfortable, with the options and features the perfect combination of keyboard shortcuts, you will customize a reasonable space for your work and save the space for this work later.
* Group History
Enhance the ability of test tools and recovery (undo) and repeat (redo) many operations you have missed. That is very good and safer for the work you're doing.
* Library Filters - Filter Gallery
With improved ways to work with filters, consider the filter through the library filters separate groups (Filter Gallery) you can preview and compare the effects between the filter easily and effective.

Graphic design
* Layers (class)
To reduce the complexity of managing a collection of photos, text text, and effects on hundreds of layers, you can group them in sets (set), set color representation, and lock or turn off depending on circumstances.
* Layer Comps
The graphic design for diverse clients with different effects will be easier to save the file into a separate Layer Comps.
* Write the word path
You can type text along a path and adjust its path similar to Adobe Illustrator ®.
* Artistic brushes (The art of pen strokes)
With the pen tool features art will quickly create visual effects is actually faster, minimizing the design time.
* The special effects filters
With more than 95 special effects filters, and lets see the image before applying. You will create a lot of really great performance for the picture or artwork of your own.


Update : 03/16/10

Free Download Photoshop CS2

Software name Adobe Photoshop CS2
License: Shareware
Date Updated: December-15-2009
Category: Image And Desing
Date Added: May-18-2007
File Size: 329.02 MB
Latest version: Adobe Photoshop CS2

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