Video Tutorial Adding Tattoo In Photoshop

Video Tutorials-Make a tattoo Photoshop Tutorial

Applying A Fake Tattoo In Photoshop CS3

Place Tattoo On Body With Photoshop

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Angelina Jolie

Fun Photoshop

Fun Photoshop

Beast Woman
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Content Aware Scaling - CS4

Free Photoshop Tutorials: Content-aware scaling (CS4)

Version: Adobe Photoshop CS4

level: easy

This feature entered the world of photo editing algorithms a few years ago. Simply put, it enables magnifying or reducing photos without distorting any important elements (such as the main theme). Finally Adobe Photoshop CS4 also introduced such a feature last autumn. Let's see how it works out in a very obvious case.

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Photoshop Tutorials - Content-aware scaling (CS4)

1. Load the photo

If you want to resize—for example, reduce—this picture, you have two choices: distorting its content, or making the whole picture proportionately smaller.

Photoshop Tutorials - Content-aware scaling (CS4)

2. A transformable layer

One of the old methods is Transform, which also enables resizing.

If your photo is on a simple background layer, it is recommended to convert it to a normal resizable layer using Layer/New/Layer. Just click OK on the dialog that appears and you'll have an editable layer. You'll also need this step for content-aware scaling (discussed later).


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Enhancing Digital Photographs - Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Enhancing Digital Photographs

Photoshop Tutorial By Björgvin Guðmundsson
This tutorial is about enhancing your digital photographs.
I will show you how you can sharpen them, smooth them and change their color.
You've just taken some good photos on your digital camera and transferred them into your computer.
Let's open one of my images in Photoshop and take a look at it.

The image is pretty good, it's a bit dark but we will fix that later.
Make a duplicate your original layer, it always good to have the original image if things get out of hand. Name the duplicate 'sharpen' and lock the original layer, so you can't ruin it by mistake.


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Smooth and highlight

Smooth and highlight - Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial By Björgvin Guðmundsson
This tutorial shows you how to smoothen and highlight your photographs. This effect can be archived in many different ways, and the one im going to show you now is very easy, but extreamly useful.

Above you can see the before and after images. Some of you might not want to change the original image, and that's just fine. But for the rest, when the image could need some spicing up, just follow the next steps.


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