Content Aware Scaling - CS4

Free Photoshop Tutorials: Content-aware scaling (CS4)

Version: Adobe Photoshop CS4

level: easy

This feature entered the world of photo editing algorithms a few years ago. Simply put, it enables magnifying or reducing photos without distorting any important elements (such as the main theme). Finally Adobe Photoshop CS4 also introduced such a feature last autumn. Let's see how it works out in a very obvious case.

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Photoshop Tutorials - Content-aware scaling (CS4)

1. Load the photo

If you want to resize—for example, reduce—this picture, you have two choices: distorting its content, or making the whole picture proportionately smaller.

Photoshop Tutorials - Content-aware scaling (CS4)

2. A transformable layer

One of the old methods is Transform, which also enables resizing.

If your photo is on a simple background layer, it is recommended to convert it to a normal resizable layer using Layer/New/Layer. Just click OK on the dialog that appears and you'll have an editable layer. You'll also need this step for content-aware scaling (discussed later).


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