Photo Date Stamper and Watermark

Here are some good news for you about the larger photo. Now with the help of software, you are a smaller resolution photo can be enlarged with ease and add date stamp

stamper and watermark

See details below:
Y.A. Photo Date Stamper is a free application Identify working days and the date on which the image was taken, and add a personal watermark is designed for JPG images of your choice, quickly and easily. This allows you to change the resolution JPG images quickly and easily. This application makes a copy of the new image in the folder of your choice, and does not change the original file. With Y.A. Photo Date Stamper, easier than ever to appreciate the special dates and occasions.

To download Y.A. Photos Date Stamper for free, follow these simple steps - HERE

Download the last version:



Y.A. Photos Date Stamper v1.3.0 - Now the stamped pictures quality does not reduce!


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